Fri Aug 6, 2021

PGDBA 2021 Do's and Don'ts

Anticipation and Expectations are the worst enemy of a student in exam

Finally PGDBA 2021 is happening after a never ending delay and that's what makes this exam a little special and unprecedented. While the candidates have got a lot more time than usual to prepare, the delay has trimmed down the competition a little. Like  any other Indian exam, PGDBA also has a nail biting competition. So here are some of the last moment tips for the exam which can provide an edge.

Indian competitive exams are famous for giving surprises to students. All thanks to the facts that the competition is fierce and the Coaching Institutions give their best to prepare students according to the latest trends. Thus, surprises are the best ways to reduce the competition. 

So what is the best way to handle a surprise and why are most of us bad in dealing with a surprise? It's because we have set a benchmark for ourselves based on the mock test performances and we do have a tendency to predict the level of exam. It makes us feel confident and secure to speculate about the possibilities of the type and difficulty of the exam, but trust me, it's a blessing in disguise because if exam or even a section comes out to be tougher than anticipated, then you might panic in the exam due to unfulfillment of your set benchmarks. So my strong advice would be to go with an open mind for the exam and attempt it the way it is being presented to you. 

Now coming to the exam strategy. You don't need to do any kind of experimentation while attempting the sections. You should attempt the exam the way you have been attempting mocks. Many candidates also complain that they do silly mistakes like misreading the questions or they make some calculation mistakes.  If you are one of them, then a quick recheck just after the attempt will save you. It will hardly take additional 20-25 seconds but will ensure that you haven't made any silly mistake. 

There are also cases of wrong questions or options. In such cases, always contact your invigilators and if they aren't able to help you out, then mark the best possible answer based on whatever the question is saying. If none of the option matches, then leave the question. You don't have to panic because of such occurrences as you won't be penalized for a mistake done by the institute. 

Last but not the least, sleep well before the exam. You might feel like revising or practicing till late night, but trust me, neither language nor concepts become better or worse a day before exam. So best is to revise the factual things and sleep on time. 

That's all from my side. All the best for tomorrow!!


Aakash Gangwar

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