How to prepare for PGDBA VARC

VARC mystery or misery? Let's find out.

Sun Dec 5, 2021

Scared or Scarred by VARC? You are not alone!!

"Today a reader, Tomorrow a leader"

VARC has always troubled most of the PGDBA aspirants right from the beginning. The reason is most of the PGDBA aspirants are from the Mathematics background and are trained with a binary mindset because of the curriculum, unless one is an avid reader. But RCs demand reading between the lines which sometimes become utterly confusing for the aspirants. Then how do we tackle the confusing RCs? Let's find out.

We know that we cannot go from 0 to 100 in a language, be it coding or otherwise, in a couple of months, but we can definitely reach towards 80 which would be perfectly fine for the examination. I would recommend the following methods to become better at doing RCs.

1- Reading Consistently :- Reading everyday is the most underrated yet most effective method to improve Comprehension skills and Vocabulary. But what exactly to read? If you have zero reading habit, then a novel according to your interest would work in the beginning to get you started. Once you are habitual of reading daily, then diversify your readings with all kinds of genres because RCs can be from any random topic in the world. While reading, try to anticipate the meaning of tougher words with the help of context. This will not only improve your comprehension, but will also improve your vocabulary. The table below gives you a list of novels which you can read according to your reading skill.

Beginner ModerateAdvanced
Limitless by Jim Kwik India after GandhiFreakonomics
The Monk who sold his ferrariThe Last MughalThe black swan
Sherlock HolmesThinking Fast and SlowTrain to Pakistan
Sapiens IacoccaThe Alchemist
The Psychology of MoneyThe selfish geneThe world is flat

Also, you can read abstract articles from Aeon and The Guardian and our Daily Reading Blog

2- Practicing RCs Daily :- Now you have started reading but that won't really work if you are not practicing and testing yourself daily. But there are certain tricks and nuances which one needs to understand before attempting RCs otherwise you will end up getting frustrated because of the trial and error approach. You can learn these nuances from one of the most reputed VARC guru in the industry, Gejo sir. This is the link to his YouTube Playlist. Once you are done with the playlist, you can practice RCs on our Daily RC Campaign which is open for everyone and implement all the strategies which you have learnt.

3- Analysis :- Last but not the least. Make sure you analyze all your mistakes the same day you attempt the RC otherwise you might forget the logic for which you marked a particular option. 

These were the three pillars of success in VARC in a short period of time. Just follow this plan consistently for 2 months and you will see the difference in your approach towards VARC and the scare will just go away. Thanks for reading!

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