PGDBA Interview Questions for Statistics

Here are some of the most important Statistics Questions which can be asked in PGDBA Interview

Tue Sep 7, 2021

1. Where are long-tailed distributions used?

2. What is the central limit theorem?

3. What is observational and experimental data in statistics?

4. State the case where the median is a better measure when compared to the mean.

5. What is the Pareto principle?

6. What are population and sample in inferential statistics, and how are they different?

7. What is a bell-curve distribution?

8. What is skewness?

9. What is correlation?

10. What are left-skewed and right-skewed distributions?

11. What is the difference between descriptive and inferential statistics?

12. If a distribution is skewed to the right and has a median of 30, will the mean be greater than or less than 20?

13. The standard normal curve has a total area to be under one, and it is symmetric around zero. Is it true?

14. What are the examples of symmetric distribution?

15. Where is inferential statistics applied?

16. What is the relationship between mean and median in a normal distribution?

17. Given a left-skewed distribution that has a median of 50, what conclusions can we draw about the mean and the mode of the data?

18. What is the law of large numbers in statistics?

19. What are some of the properties of a normal distribution?

20. Can you give a practical example of working of the central limit theorem?

21. Does a symmetric distribution need to be unimodal? Bimodal?

22. What is the impact of outliers in statistics?

23. Are only mean and standard deviations are sufficient parameters that can tell data behaviour?
24. Correlation and Causality
25. If one data point is added can std remain unchanged?

Aakash Gangwar

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