PGDBA Myths and Facts

Let's bust some myths about PGDBA selection process

Tue Feb 1, 2022

Say Yes to "Facts" and No to "Myths"

"Half baked information is more dangerous than ignorance"

Bachhe 2 saal mein Kota se nikal jaate hain, Kota saalo tak bachho se nahi nikalta

This dialogue from Kota Factory Web series could not be truer. But in this PGDBA blog, why am I talking about Kota? Because the under confidence of not getting selected in IITs, NITs and BITS still haunts the candidates appearing for PGDBA and that too because of a publicity stunt by the PGDBA team in their earlier expansion phase. The most asked question to me is, Do we really stand a chance for PGDBA conversion because most of the candidates which get selected are from the aforementioned premium colleges ? But why at the first place this question arose? That I am going to tell you in this blog.

Hi! I am Aakash Gangwar, CEO and Founder of AI Crack, and I am here to bust every myth about PGDBA which has been roaming around in Quora and Telegram/WhatsApp Groups and that too based on opinions and not facts. 

Myth No. 1

Most of the candidates getting selected are from IITs, NITs and BITS

Reality- While this has been the most trusted myth, the fact based on the data collected from the actual batch says that only 54.1% candidates are from IIT/NIT/BITS. Wait a minute, but didn't the PGDBA team promoted a poster saying that the entire batch has more than 70% candidates from IIT, NIT and BITS? Yes, it was true for that batch and PGDBA as an education business was expanding at that time (back in 2018). And who doesn't know the craze of IITs and other premium colleges in India? They just used the names as a marketing strategy and that was it. Little did they know that this will become the biggest fear among aspirants. Okay, but 54.1% is still a lot, isn't it? Yes, I agree with this part too but let me add one more data point based on the facts which I have after connecting with almost 1000 PGDBA aspirants. 65% of the applicants for PGDBA are from these colleges and I think I don't need to explain the change in conclusions. Mic drop!! Let's bust the next one.

Myth No. 2

Coding Knowledge will give you an advantage over others in the interview for getting selected

Reality- The Pie Chart from the data of the recent batch says it all. Also, most of the candidates who have marked yes for the coding knowledge did a course on python from Coursera/Udemy for the PGDBA interview only. 

But this doesn't mean that one should leave the coding practice even if he/she has done some project on it or is required in their profession. In that case it is highly suggested to go through all the basics accordingly. 

Myth No. 3

Freshers and too much experienced candidates have lesser chances of getting selected.

Reality- Although the first glance of the bar chart solidifies the myth, but here is the catch, the number of applicants from those categories are also in the similar proportion. Don't you remember the " Time and Work " riddle? If 5 men take 5 days to complete 5 units of task, then 1 man will also take 5 days to complete 1 unit of task. Same concept here. So everyone has got a fair chance of getting selected. Don't waste too much time in calculating and comparing the profile scores. 

Myth No. 4

Having an analytics background will give you an advantage over other candidates for the interview conversion

Reality- Yet another pie chart which says it all. And this data is of the entire recent batch which got selected. So now you know that there is actually no need to register for a Course just to get a certificate in Analytics, Machine Learning and AI. Think of it this way, if you were really interested in a course, then most probably you would have done the course much earlier and not just few weeks/months before the PGDBA interview. And do you think that PGDBA interview panel doesn't know this? 

Some other important points...

1. Treat written exam and interview separately. If you are scoring more, then it will give you only a psychological edge and not the practical one because there have been many cases where high scores could not convert even if they just had to score 25 out of 45 marks in interview. As a matter of fact, 17 students got selected from AI Crack last year and 13 of them had a score in the range 100-110. Shocked?

2. Focus on the process of learning and not on the curated interview answers and profile which almost everyone is talking about and that too without facts and logics.

This is all I have to say, I hope I have made the clarification on almost all kinds of queries which candidates have. 

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